It’s Time To Prosecute the Lie About

Susan Dunham
2 min readApr 10, 2022

By Susan Dunham. IG:@susankaydunham

There is a grave misconception that restrictions are ending because they did their job. After two long years, we finally coerced enough jabs, masked enough people, and closed enough businesses that the science is granting us a reprieve.

But if the science deserves any credit, it’s only because our leaders have stopped holding it hostage.

The end of mandates comes as we retake logic, finally realizing in sufficient numbers that the safety measures meant to help us only gave us harm.

But it is not enough to call a truce with failed COVID policy, which wanted permanent damage for society. Until we prosecute its malfeasance in the court of public opinion, another promised “new normal” is liable to come back either with renewed vigor or in another form.

Between lockdowns that couldn’t stop spread, nonsensical masking and distancing rules that ignored the physics of aerosols, and vaccine mandates that were blind to natural immunity, none of our COVID safety rituals —
nor all of them combined — were ever worth the cost of enforcement.

Rather than targetted strategic measures, we got totalitarian edicts that unnecessarily ruined lives, took others, delayed development, inspired violence, and even exacerbated starvation the world over.

Worse, endless public sector campaigning drafted the impressionable into a neurotic moral zealotry that actively silenced the rest of us. Thus we tiptoed towards frightening new norms that in the latest chapter threatened to permanently install pharmaceutical companies as the gatekeepers of society.

It is impossible that this was the product of good intentions, nor even of dereliction. Neither incompetance, nor cowardice could propagate and populate the world’s institutions and leadership so completely. And it could never form such a perfect system of fast-acting and shocking change.

So we are left with the troubling possibility that these destructive policies were part of an initiative to reshape society.

The virus could have been managed without such excess, yet inexorably we were pushed towards a very deliberate vision of the future, best characterized by totalizing forces of demoralization and, ultimately, control.

Its failure under the cover of COVID all but ensures its return. And so we must recognize a grand deception; then we must chase down its parts so that it cannot quietly reassemble.


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